Community, How We Serve

We are increasingly connecting with and serving our local community. There are lots of activities that you can join in with or receive help from. Loneliness, addiction and financial problems are big issues for local people. We, as a church are actively involved in helping through friendship groups, debt advice, and personal counseling. As Christians we are passionate about Justice, Reconciliation, Grace, Forgiveness and Generosity and this is lived out in our lives individually and collectively.







Small Groups

We have lots of small groups that meet in people's houses. These are so we can all get to know one another, build relationships and give support.

Every group is different and meets in different parts of the local area. Some meet weekly others less. Most eat together, socialise, study, pray and often enjoy a great sense of community. Do ask if you would like to be in one.


Oasis is a group for Seniors and meets on Thursday mornings. Their own recent vision statement reads:

"Oasis welcomes members of our community into a place where faith, fun and friendship can flourish"

If you would like more information or you think this is the group for you, then please get in touch.

Our seniors are definitely young at heart, watch their video. Click Here.


We run ALPHA courses which help people to find out what the heck Christianity is all about! It’s an informal group where you can be yourself, ask anything and discover for yourself if Faith is real.

We run these courses regularly and many people all around the world have found them helpful



Our Children

Children have an important place in our church. We've organised Tuesday and Wednesday pre-school Toddler groups, a children's club called Dream Factory on Saturday mornings and children's groups called Sparklers and Shine during our Sunday morning services.








Birth - School

Tods groups are all about finding friendship and support. It can be such a lonely and bewildering time as a parent or carer. Come and join in, realise that you are not on your own and let the children enjoy craft, free play, songs, stories, snacks and fun! The kettle is on for you as well!

Our Tods groups meet in our Church Hall on Warwick Road from 9.30-11.30am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Dream Factory

5 - 11 years

Dream Factory is a crazy wonderful kids club on Saturday mornings for the 5-11's. Games, quizzies, bouncy castle, computer games, team challenges, outings, pool, face painting, crafts, stories, singing, tuck shop and a whole lot of fun!

They meet in our Church Hall in Warwick Road between 10-12 noon.


Sunday Groups

Footsteps & Striders

In these two groups our children enjoy time to build friendships, crafts, games, stories, worship songs and great teaching. They have a great time together and join the adults for the last part of the morning service in the church building.

They meet in our Church Hall on Church Green Road during our morning services. Simply drop off your child a few minutes before our Sunday services begin.


Our Youth

We are blessed as we have some amazing youth work happening. Teenage years with hormones racing can make for an interesting chapter for both young person and parent! The balance therefore of pastoral work, fun, mentoring and discipleship amongst young people is crucial.

Our youth work offers weekends away, youth café, community projects and weekly times to meet.







11 - 14 years

A fantastic youth group for the 11-14's. Ignite meets on Friday evening between 7.30-9.30pm and on Sunday mornings between 11-12.30pm at our Church Hall on Warwick Road.

They enjoy crazy games, time to build friendships, develop a personal faith and engage in action projects in our local community.



14- 18 years

A creative youth group for the 14-18's. C4 meets on Wednesday evening between 7.00-9.30pm at our Church Hall on Warwick Road.

The first part of the evening is more social, while the second optional part is more spiritual. Organised weekends away,  opportunities for short-term overseas mission experiences and summer camps are just some of what this group enjoy.


Young Adults

Our 18-30's group is growing and holds an exciting fresh vision for this vibrant city.

They meet mid-week in small missional communities "doing life together", worship and serve at our Sunday evening service at 7pm and then have a rhythm of socials during every month.

Our Mission, Near & Far

As a church that is fully engaged in mission, our Mission Partnership Group provides support on behalf of St Mary’s, both long-term partnerships, and short-term mission, keeping mission on the agenda through prayer, voluntary help and financial giving.

For more information click here




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