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Arranging a Funeral 
Working with the local Funeral Directors, we’re pleased to be asked to take funeral services at both Crownhill Crematorium and St. Mary’s. 

The first point of contact would usually be with one of the local firms. 

There are a number of options: 
• full service at the Crematorium 
• service at St. Mary’s, followed by a short service of Committal at the Crematorium 
• service at St. Mary’s, followed by a graveside interment 

Can I be buried in the churchyard? 

St. Mary’s churchyard has been closed to the interment of bodies for some years. In certain circumstances – usually because of a significant and long-standing link with the church – we may consider interring cremated remains. Please note that the Whalley Drive Municipal Cemetery and St. Mary’s churchyard are not the same burial ground, although they are next to each other. If you’ve got questions about the Whalley Drive Cemetery, you need to contact Crownhill Crematorium. 

Memorial Service 

At the beginning of November every year, we hold a Memorial Service to recognise the continuing grief that we all feel when we’ve lost loved ones. It gives families and friends another opportunity to remember their loved one through a candle being lit and their name being spoken in the context of a service. We invite to that service relatives living locally from all the services that we’ve taken as a church. We invite folk six to eighteen months after the funeral service took place (not those who have very recently lost a loved one).