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St Mary's Parenting Course

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"Hearing stories and sharing strategies helped to boost my confidence as a parent and to see that I am not alone in this exciting and challenging journey!”

During the parent talk course, we look at key issues such as:

  • Communicating with our children
  • Setting boundaries
  • Helping them grow in independence while keeping them safe
  • And, above all, building strong bonds with them that will help us weather those teenage storms.

This exciting and informative 6 week course by Care for the Family,'Parentalk' , is aimed at

those with children aged from birth (get in early!) to 12, though has some very good

concepts that can be applied to the teenage years too. Informal and part DVD led, come and

let's all learn and grow together. 


The aim of this course is to have you leaving inspired and empowered as a mum or dad.


Next course details available from the Church Office