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WPLine 1 - a

We meet EVERY THURSDAY from 10.00am until 12.00pm.

New donations are sorted by date and contents to ensure efficient use of stock. It is then stored - items with short terms dates in the food cupboards and longer dates in a garage for later use. As the cupboard stock is used up, more is transferred from the garage store.

WPLine 1 - b

WPLine 2 - a


New packs are made up to replace the ones used during the previous week. One table holds the contents for one pack.

As a list is read out, volunteers collect the contents and put it on the table for packing. The list is re-read as packing takes place to check that all the items are present and correct.

WPLine 2 - b

WpLine 3 - a


A short greeting and a suggested menu, (to help the food last a week), are added to each pack.

Every pack is given an ID number (A1, A2, A3 . . . B1, B2, B3 etc) to ensure they do not get mixed up. Sometimes we make up 1or 2 at other times we might need 10.  

WPLine 3 - b

WPLine 4 - a


The packs are then given out to the deliverers who are there or stored for collection by them later in the day.

A time of refreshment, (tea, coffee and doughnuts), chat and socialising then round off the morning. It can also be used for discussion and problem solving when needed.