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The non-perishable part of a food pack is stored at a deliverer’s home ready to be used when necessary. Some deliverers have one pack; others have four packs ready to deliver. These can be a mixture of large and small packs.

A team is ideally made up of two people:  a driver and a navigator/house spotter, both doing shopping, carrying and delivering.


DTLine 2
When Social Services need a pack, they ring the DELIVERIES CO-ORDINATOR dedicated mobile.

He then takes down all the necessary details needed to complete and deliver to the family in need.

If urgent it is done within a few hours, if non urgent within 24 hours.

These are passed on to one of the teams of deliverers available.


 Deliveries Line 3b

The deliverer will telephone the family to arrange a mutually agreed delivery time and confirm any additional details or baby requirements.

The frozen and fresh food is then bought at a suitable supermarket or store using a standard shopping list, with adjustments, to ensure that the pack contents are correct.



This shopping is then added to the non-perishable pack to form a complete pack.

This is then delivered directly to the family’s doorstep.

They are told of the suggested week’s menu, but told the food is theirs to use as they see fit.