Category: Community

Small Pack smallNON-PERISHABLE


1 box cereal

1kg sugar

3ltrs long life milk

40 tea bags

1 jar of coffee/drinking chocolate

1 jar of jam

1 packet of biscuits

2 tins rice pudding

2 tins fruit

1 instant whip

1 pack of jelly (any flavour)

4 tins potatoes

3 tins vegetables

2 tins baked beans

1 tin stewing steak

1 tin savoury mince

1 tin meat (for sandwiches)

1 tin bacon grill

2 tins fish

1 tin chicken in white sauce

1 tin spaghetti bolognaise

1 tin macaroni cheese



1 loaf medium cut bread

200g cheese

1 pack soft margarine



plus nappies, wipes & baby food if requested