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CFLine 1 - a

The food boxes are made up, labelled and put in order. The same family ID number is linked to the recipient family that was used for their presents

They are also colour coded to indicate the quantities of food needed using a list showing the number of adults and children in each family unit.
CFLine 1 - b 
 CFLine 2 - a

Donated food is collected early in the morning from various storage points and also directly from shops that have had food orders placed well in advance of the required date.

The family boxes are then made up from a fixed list, adjusted for the colour code shown on the box.

 CFLine 2 - b
 CFLine 3 - a

Each box is then checked, using a check list tick box, to ensure the correct contents and amounts have been allocated to each individual family.

The boxes are then sealed ready to be added to the family present boxes made up the day before ready for afternoon delivery.

 CFLine 3 - b
CFLine 4 - a + CFLine 4 - b

The present boxes and food boxes are added together upon request from the allocated delivery driver. Only ONE co-ordinator has access to the master list that correlates the ID number with the family name and address. The delivery drivers are usually the Social Services Case Worker appointed to the family, but some Food Cupboard drivers are also used.