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Church Weekend Away 2016

Rev. Anthony Delaney


For our talks on the St. Mary's Church Weekend Away we were blessed to have Rev. Anthony Delaney come and speak to us. As many have asked me what Anthony’s message was to the church, I have put together this very brief synopsis of what he said. He said much more than this but I hope this is helpful.

To find out more about Anthony or hear more from him you can visit his website: 


Rev David McDougall


November 2016

What was Rev Anthony Delaney's core message to St Mary’s Church?


Anthony wants us to examine the following flow of Christian living:

Solitude – Community – Ministry

He has seen that if our lives have this continuous pattern then life and ministry is both healthy and fruitful.

It has been his experience that too often churches and Christians have lived with the opposite flow:

Ministry – Community – Solitude

The danger is we can minister from a dry and exhausted place. If we are not in relationship with one another enough and have not spent recent personal time with God - then our ministry may not be as fruitful, joyful and healthy as God would long for.

Solitude: Intimacy with God the Father. Jesus modelled this for us when he would step aside from ministry to spend time with His Father. Receiving God’s love, assurance and affirmation. By living and being ‘in Christ’ we are secure and we are less likely to look to other people or other things.

Community: Living life together as Christian people. Loving people deeply. Loving Christian leaders and encouraging them. Finding the positive in people before sharing the negative.

Ministry: The bible speaks of the 5-fold ministries of the church: Prophecy, Pastor, Apostle, Teacher and Evangelist. We all have ministry in one or more of these areas and we need to be using these gifts.

Solitude – Knowing

Community – Growing

Ministry – Going

Anthony pointed out that too often churches are programme, building or financially orientated. These things are important but should not be our main focus.

Anthony used the analogy of church being either a Cruise Liner or a Life Boat!

He challenged us not to remain as passengers on board a Cruise Liner who enjoy the ride but complain bitterly about the food, the entertainments or the destinations!

He called us to man the life boats so that like Jesus we were a part of seeking and saving the lost.

Anthony helpfully explained that we would rescue more people by planting out new churches rather than just building up one big church. This is what he is doing in Manchester. This is very much a part of our vision here at St Mary’s Bletchley. In this way we can grow much bigger numerically, if we spread out rather than just keep gathering people where we are.

Anthony calls us to 'Step Out' and he believes that if we do this God will 'Step In'.

Step Out and God will Step In

If you would like to know more about the ministries or parts of Church life you can be involved in then please click here

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Church FamilySt Mary’s Church Bletchley

Areas of Church Life you could be involved with and the people to talk to:


Children’s and Youth Work

Youth Work: Pat Kerr

Sunday Children’s Groups: Jane Harris

Toddler Groups: Rebekah Taylor

Messy Church: Maryann Brooks

Film Friday: Maryann Brooks

Schools’ Ministry: Maryann Brooks

Dream Factory: Maryann Brooks

Mentoring: Pat Kerr



Growing Leaders Course: Catherine Butt

Alpha: Matt Beer

Discipleship Courses (or teach one!): Andrew Walmsley


Church services

Wednesday Ministry: Peggy Faithful and Julie Coe

Bible Reading: Gladys Deleuze

Welcome Team: Jill Collins and Malcolm and Ann Bagnall

Worship Team: Erica Stevens

Preaching and Service Leading Team: David McDougall

Deputy Wardens Team: Oliver Hermes

Communion Servers: David McDougall

Refreshment Team: Vanessa Braithwaite

Sound, Camera and Screen Team: Richard Robinson



Looking after the church

Church Administration: Christina Farley and Felicity Le Roux

Church Yard Project: Richard Lyons

Flower Arranging: Lynda Castle

Buildings Team: Richard Lyons

Governance of church life: David McDougall

Church Cleaning Team: Tim May


Church Community

Pastoral Team: Catherine Butt

Hospitality Team:  future (David McDougall)

Dobbies’ Drop In: Gill Giles, Val Fallows, and Alison Pickering

Walking Group: Sue Fletcher

Football:  Rob Grindley


Groups for Adults

Home Groups of all types: Catherine Butt

Oasis on Thursdays: Rosemary Slasor

Prayer Groups: David McDougall

Men’s Support Group:  future (David McDougall)

Link Up (Ladies Group): Emma Grindley and Val Fallows


Helping our community

Milton Keynes Money Lifeline: Ian and Sally Anderson

Bletchley Leys Charity for the poor of Bletchley: David McDougall

The Baptism, Wedding and Funeral Ministry: Sam Muthuveloe, Catherine Butt and Pete Stone

Ministry with those who have special needs: future (David McDougall)

TLG in Schools with struggling children: Shirley Dolan

Food Cupboard: John and Diana Sturgess

Marriage Prep Team: Philip and Claire Myers

Open Church Project Team: Mike Wittle


Creative ministries

Nimbus – creative arts collective: Martha Shrimpton

Bellringing: Mike Brough


Evangelism and Mission

Newton Leys Pioneer Church Plant: Ben Thorpe

Church Plants in the future: David McDougall

Mission Partnership Group: Mike Wittle

Evangelism and Outreach: Andrew Barton



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About our services

We have five different congregations, both contemporary and traditional.


Our contemporary services are on a Sunday morning at 9.15am, 11am and 7pm.

The Sunday morning services are lively and informal, with great music, fun and engaging children's work, and stimulating sermons. You'll find someone from every generation at these service.

Our evening service at 7pm is also lively but with reflective depth and an extended time of worship. Our group for 15-18s also gather here and stays to chat later in to the evening.


If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, we have a spoken BCP Communion every Sunday at 8am, and a Common Worship Communion Service with hymns every Wednesday at 10am.


communion2Service Times

8am                         Holy Communion                                

                               A traditional service

9.15am and 11am     Family Services   

Lively and engaging services with children’s work provision (except during All Age Services where the children stay and worship at the church with the congregation). The service type (Communion, All Age or services with children's work) will be announced in advance on our website or through our news sheet/email.

7pm                         Evening Service                                

                               A charismatic service


10am                      Communion Service                              

                              A traditional service

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Developing Discipleship at St Mary’s Church

19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28: 19 – 20.

Logo with wording - shadowsThis passage from Matthew is often seen as the great commission to the church to carry out mission. One aspect of this passage is sometimes overlooked and that is the call to make disciples.  This involves much more than just reaching out to people in mission.  It is also about making and growing disciples, and this includes growing ourselves.  This becomes a more demanding command and means more involvement by individuals and the church.  It raises the question for us today about our motivation as a community of Christians.  Are we seeking to be, make and grow disciples of Jesus Christ?[i] Or do things simply get in the way? This is something we need to consider at St Mary’s as we look to develop our church members’ spiritual growth and carry out the new vision for our church.  In doing so we will join the recent conversation that the Church of England has begun about developing discipleship in the wider church.

One of the ways that we do this at St Mary's is through courses. These courses are designed so that they can be taken by any member regardless of academic ability but are challenging enough to help people grow further in their faith.  The topics covered can be varied from Church History and the creeds to development of pastoral skills.

We plan to have different courses throughout the year.  For more information about these and to see what courses are upcoming then please see our dedicated discipleship website:

Or contact our church office.

[i] Philip Meadows, Wesleyan DNA of Discipleship (Cambridge: Grove Books, 2013) P.27

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Pastoral Ministry Update – June 2016


 I am the Good Shepherd. I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full. (John 10.10-11)





As a church we are committed to caring for one another and providing help and support for those in particular need, whether practical or more emotional.


Much of this kind of support is facilitated through our network of home groups, with members learning, growing and sharing together. If you don’t belong to a home group and would like to find out more, please talk to Rev Catherine Butt or Gill Giles.


Rev Catherine Butt chairs our Pastoral Oversight Group which facilitates and oversees Pastoral Care provided at St Mary’s. This group is Diane Young, Rosemary Slasor, Dr Sam Muthuveloe, Paul Winter and Rebekah Taylor. Each has significant pastoral gifts, some are trained in pastoral ministry or counseling, and all are committed to improving our provision of pastoral care. Please feel free to approach any of them with any questions about this aspect of our church’s ministry. 


What is available?


We can provide someone to listen, pray and accompany you through a difficult time. We can facilitate someone to come and visit you or someone you are concerned about. We can refer you to more professional help if necessary. We can facilitate prayer support over an extended period of time.


How do I access pastoral care?


You can approach any of our Pastoral Oversight Group to arrange an initial conversation to see what kind of support would be most appropriate. Contact details are available through the church office:

Rev Catherine Butt

Diane Young 

Rosemary Slasor

Paul Winter

Rebekah Taylor




What if I’m not in a home group?


First of all, why not consider joining one? This is an excellent way to get to know a few people better, and is a key way of ‘belonging’ to St Mary’s. Home groups (or ‘small groups’ as some people call them) are a means by which you can receive practical and spiritual support in an ongoing manner. It is in home groups that people often are able to explore questions of faith, study the Bible more deeply, and exercise spiritual gifts in a safe environment. However, there are those for whom belonging to a home group isn’t possible, and there are situations which demand a level of support which goes beyond the capacity of a home group. There may also be instances where it is not appropriate or comfortable to share such details in that context. Pastoral care and support is available to anyone connected with St Mary’s, regardless of whether they belong to a home group, should they wish to access it.


Will you help someone who doesn’t come to church?


We are committed to responding to anyone who approaches us for help, regardless of their background or circumstances. You can also phone our Church Office on 01908 366531 to find out more about what is on offer at St Mary’s by way of groups and church services, through which more specific pastoral care can be accessed.


How can I help?


If you would like to find out more about joining our Pastoral Visiting Team please contact Rev Catherine Butt. We will be running some training in the autumn of 2016:  attendance of this training will be a requirement for those involved in this ministry.


As we care for one another on a week-by-week basis, let’s keep our eyes and ears open for opportunities to offer care, compassion, and encouragement to those who are struggling, and let’s pray that we would each know the Good Shepherd watching over us and providing for our every need.



Rev Catherine Butt

Associate Minister

June 2016